Need Ideas for Geometric Paint Designs? Try These Inspiring Tips

Need Ideas for Geometric Paint Designs? Try These Inspiring Tips

Think Outside the (Geometric Paint Design) Box

If you want to bring this look home, you’ve got lots of options. You can paint a mural with varying types of shapes and paint colors, or paint a single shape (like a circle, parallelogram, arch or triangle) on the wall. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to a touch of whimsy and fun.

Go Bold With Color Combos … Or Not

Because of their strong shapes, painted geometric designs can stand up to bold color palettes. For example, painting a bright yellow circle behind your bed, in place of a headboard, will transform your room into a high-drama space. Or try a mural of red and pink triangles around the windows in your child’s room.

Since geometric paint designs have such distinctive lines, you can use neutral or pastel colors with equal success. Softer tones let the shapes become a subtle layer, adding flavor and texture to the room’s look and feel.

Ideas of light blue and white living room Geometric Wall Art Paint Design color full style on wooden floor. 3D rendering

Pick a Design You Love

Before you think about colors, though, choose a design you love.


Paint a sleek Art Deco-style mural in pink, silver and black on your bedroom walls and transform your space to something elegantly romantic.

Or, if Art Deco isn’t your style, try taking a color from a rug or a piece of furniture and using it as a base for a curvy, geometric fresco. Choose a complementary color and paint the wall in varying shades of the color scheme.

While painted geometric designs often contain shapes or curves, they can also be simple blocks of color. For example, choose three or four colors, then paint differently sized rectangles on an accent wall.

You can get a similar effect to color blocking by painting part of the wall. For example, in a small bathroom, paint the walls crisp white, then layer deep teal on the top third of the wall.

Or, in a bedroom, get a simple geometric paint design by painting warm terra cotta on the lower half of the wall and a creamy white above it. It will give the room the visual equivalent of a hug.

Embrace your curves! Paint a large blue arch over a sofa. Keep part of the arch hidden by the couch and add an air of mystery to your space.

Or, over a long, rustic-wood dresser, paint an earth-toned circle off-center, then hang or rest a piece of framed art on the dresser in the center of the circle. Even a plain room looks dressy with this simple treatment.Best House Painting

Loving the idea of geometric paint designs? Talk to our interior paint pros about geometric wall paint ideas for your home today. (Click here for a free estimate.) Let them do the hard work – then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the finished product.

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