20 Inviting Guest Bedroom Paint Colors To Consider

20 Inviting Guest Bedroom Paint Colors To Consider

Guest bedrooms can be tricky spaces to decorate. For some, the space is a perfect place to experiment with bold colors or try out a new style. Others prefer to keep their guest spaces as a neutral backdrop with just enough character to feel comfortable. No matter your stance on the level of personality a guest bedroom should have, the perfect place to start is with your paint color

Starting off simple, light tones are excellent for those who want to keep things serene and neutral. Neutral doesn’t have to mean stark, though, and we’ve got a few hues that will still add a decent amount of character to a space without overpowering it. With lighter paint colors, in particular, it’s important to be mindful of the underlying hues. These hues, referred to as undertones, are what determine whether that neutral gray will trend towards blue, green or even brown once it’s up on your walls.

A quick tip to seeing what undertones you’re working with is to look a few shades darker on the swatch card. Yellow and red undertones will draw out warm tones in your space while blue, purple and often green will draw out the cooler ones. Try out a few swatches to see how other materials and light in your space make an impact.

If lighter is your preferred look then here are a few shades to try on:


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